Warmderm Radio Frequency Can the Beauty Instrument Really Make the Skin Better?

  Let me start with the conclusion: Of course it can. Let's talk about the principle: Household radio frequency beauty instruments often use bipolar (or multi-level) radio frequency. Bipolar (or multi-level) radio frequency has its own positive and negative electrodes. Its principle is that when radio frequency energy is applied to the skin, the energy can be transferred to the dermis. , Which makes the  temperature of the dermis layer rise; when the temperature of the dermis rises to 45-60 ℃, it causes the collagen fibers to shrink immediately, and at the same time stimulates the regeneration of collagen, so as to achieve the effect of lifting and tightening the skin and improving fine lines. The warmth during radiofrequency can also promote local blood circulation, so after use, the skin will appear reddish, making you look radiant

Do you feel familiar?

   Friends who have knowledge of medical beauty projects such as Remage may all know that

    In medical aesthetics, promoting the growth of collagen through radiofrequency stimulation is currently the mainstream anti-aging project. Like the hot Maggie in the recent fire, the principle is to use high-energy and high-frequency E waves to directly reach the dermis layer that produces wrinkles and tissue relaxation, reconstructing the collagen scaffold, so as to achieve the effects of firming, lifting and anti-wrinkle.

   The aging of our skin starts from the dermis layer, and skin care products can only act on the epidermis layer of the skin, so skin care products cannot really fight against aging, or skin care products alone cannot achieve anti-aging. This is the reason why the wind of medical beauty has been blowing more and more in recent years. Regarding the home beauty instrument, there have been mixed praises and criticisms. Some people think that the home beauty instrument is not as high-energy and powerful as the medical beauty instrument, and it is more like a toy. But those who like it think that the home beauty instrument is a black technology, and the small body contains a great effect, which is the progress of society. But no matter what, the advent of the beauty instrument illustrates the woman's pursuit of beauty. To understand whether the beauty instrument is useful, we must first understand the working principle of the beauty instrument.

   There is currently no clear classification of home beauty instruments on the market. According to their functions, they can be roughly divided into cleaning, hair removal, anti-aging, freckle whitening, skin rejuvenation, etc. According to the mechanism of action, they can be divided into ultrasound, LED, and radio frequency. , Micro current type, laser type, etc. Since this article mainly discusses anti-aging, let’s talk about RF beauty instruments. RF beauty instruments are currently home beauty instruments with relatively high technical content, and they are also the most recommended category in the industry.

   Radio frequency can be divided into unipolar radio frequency and bipolar (or multi-level) radio frequency. The characteristics of monopolar radiofrequency under the same power and energy, the penetration depth is deeper, can reach the subcutaneous, the pain is stronger, and the single-shot curative effect is significant. It is generally used in large medical institutions, such as thermage and ultrasonic scalpel. However, the treatment cycle is relatively long, usually once or two or three times a year.

   Although the depth of effect of the home beauty instrument is slightly shallower, it can reach the dermis layer and has stronger controllability. It has a slightly lower energy than Remaggi, and is safer than unipolar radio frequency. It can be repeated in a short period of time. Larger radio frequency instruments are significantly reduced, and for non-medical people, they are quick to use, safer, and easier to carry and operate.

   After understanding the principle, the focus is on how to choose an easy-to-use beauty device. After all, the price of beauty devices ranges from high to low.

   To choose a good RF beauty device, we have to compare its safety and effectiveness.

First of all, security.

   There have been many news on the Internet about being scalded by a beauty instrument. Because the radio frequency instrument transmits heat energy, in order to prevent scalding the epidermis, there must be a temperature control device. Then let's talk about effectiveness.

   The depth of radio frequency action determines the effectiveness of radio frequency. Secondly, pay attention to the area of ​​the guide head, usage mode, number of gears, and auxiliary functions. As mentioned above, the working principle of the beauty instrument is to achieve the anti-aging effect through the high-energy and high-frequency E wave conduction to the dermis layer located under the epidermis. The dermis layer is mainly composed of connective tissue, and the thickness is generally 1-3mm, plus the thickness of the epidermal layer is about 1-4mm under the skin, and the thinnest at the eyelid is 0.3mm.

   There is a formula for radio frequency depth: 1/2 of the distance between the electrode tips. In other words, the distance between the electrodes determines whether the radio frequency depth can reach the dermis.

   The larger the area of ​​the guide head, the higher the energy produced by the machine, but the premise is that the power of the instrument is sufficient.

   Regarding the modes, generally speaking, it is recommended to choose a few modes, which is relatively simple to operate, and the number of gears can be a little more to adapt to different skins.

   To sum up, the effectiveness of the radio frequency beauty instrument = radio frequency depth + guide head area + use mode + number of gears + auxiliary functions