WarmDear Regular Operation Suggestions and Precautions:

1.Run once every 3-4 days.

2.Rough, dry, and aging skin, take 2-3 days apart.

3.For good skin conditions, operate at 1-2 days intervals.

4.Replacement of probes is not allowed when the instrument is working. When replacing the probes, please power off. If the device cannot be powered on correctly, please check whether the probe installs correctly.

5.After each use, please keep the probe clean and wipe it with a soft clean cloth or medical alcohol gauze. It is forbidden to wash it with water.

6.When operating, you should try to choose from lower energy to higher energy until your skin feels comfortable and affordable.

7.Skin absorbs gelling cream more easily during the operation. To make the probe work normally, you must add enough gel cream. Or it will burn your skin. It is forbidden to use it on the surface of dry skin.

8.It is banned to use them on the throat, eyes, nose ,ears, eyelids, temples, The protruding part of the bone and surgical parts. During the period of using the instrument, we must do a good job of daily care, moisturizing and sun protection, because it is not ruled out that some people report the problem of the dry face and do not expose to the sun, otherwise it is not collagen that may stimulate regeneration Protein, but melanocytes. Generally speaking, this radiofrequency instrument has the effect of helping cell metabolism residues to discharge melanin and brightening skin tone during long-term maintenance. However, it is not ruled out that some newly formed melanocytes are in an active phase, which may be excited by radiofrequency and aggravate the color. Therefore, if you are traveling outdoors at this time and are exposed to the sun every day, it is not recommended to use a radio frequency instrument for maintenance. In other cases, there is no need to worry too much about this problem, because the energy of the home radiofrequency instrument is very small and has little effect on this. However, sun protection is the basis of all maintenance, and 60% of skin aging comes from photoaging. So whether you use a radio frequency meter or not, doing a good job of sun protection is basic.

9. At the end of operating, do not apply an ice-cold mask to cool because the radio frequency is effective by temperature

10. Do not place the instrument and accessories in a liquid or humid environment

11. Place in a ventilated and dry place, away from children.

12. If the casing, accessories, and probes are accidentally submerged, please send them back to the factory to check if we can repair them and use them again. If the meter is wet when switches on, you should cut off the power before touching the device to ensure your safety.

13. Do not disassemble or repair the equipment by yourself.

14 If the device does not work, please return it with accessories to our factory. We have Professional maintenance personnel for repairs.