WarmDear Radio Frequency: The Best Time Starts After Meeting You

What is the "muscle" density of the goddess of immortality?

This starts with the properties of collagen. Everyone knows the expansion and contraction. But collagen is not like this. Not only does it not expand when heated, but it shrinks, proliferates and reorganizes immediately at 45-65°C. This is like pulling the epidermis back and refilling it with the substance, and the result is that the skin is tightened.

So the key to anti-aging is how to heat collagen?

You know, this guy is 2.6~3mm deep under the skin (really deep). If an external heat source is used for direct heating, there are two problems. One is that it cannot penetrate the epidermal base melanin barrier, and the other is that it burns the epidermis first. This is precisely what RF radio frequency technology can circumvent

RF (Radio Frequency) is essentially a high-frequency alternating electromagnetic wave with a frequency ranging from 300KHz (kilohertz) to 30GHz (gigahertz).

[Note: 1GHz (Gigahertz) = 1000 MHz (megahertz) = 1 million KHz (kilohertz)]

RF Radio Frequency (waves) How deep dermis the collagen is heated to?

Take an analogy with a household induction cooker. Many people think that induction cookers heat up by themselves? This is actually an illusion. The induction cooker uses electromagnetic waves to force the molecules inside the pot to move at a high speed to produce eddy currents, and the eddy currents produce heat energy through resistance movement. In other words, 100% of the heat energy for heating food comes from the pot itself, which has nothing to do with the induction cooker .

The heating principle of RF radio frequency technology is similar to this. When the RF electromagnetic wave penetrates the skin, it rubs against the dermis to form a resistive motion to generate heat, and at the same time stimulates the water molecules of the cell to produce 1 million resonant rotations per second (similar to eddy current oscillation).

When the biological heat generated by the two reaches 45-65°C, the collagen will shrink by the heat, and the loose skin will immediately produce a firming and lifting effect. At the same time, the heat will gradually stimulate the dermis to produce more collagen to fill the vacancies formed after contraction. This is the process of collagen proliferation and reorganization.

So how long can an RF effect last?

Long-term clinical practice has shown that within 2 to 6 months after receiving radiofrequency, collagen in the dermis will gradually proliferate and reform to restore elasticity to the skin; after 2 to 6 months, heat penetration will continue to stimulate the dermis and make the dermis Thickness increases .

Biological heat also accelerates blood circulation, promotes fat drainage, decomposes fat cells, and achieves the effect of shaping and beautifying the body. Generally speaking, the effect can be maintained for 3 to 5 years after a course of treatment, but it is not permanent. It requires multiple radiofrequency to maintain the effect. In general, RF radio frequency has three advantages: "immediate skin tightening, safety and non-invasiveness, and long-lasting effect". In terms of improving skin aging and enhancing facial firmness, there is no more effective technology than RF at this stage. For women 25 to 35 years old whose collagen loss is increasing day by day, RF radio frequency is particularly effective