Radio Frequency Management - What You Need to Know About It?

The effect of electrical vibrations is exploited when using radio frequencies. This effect depends on the frequency of the vibrations, i.e. the number of vibrations.

In cosmetics, the heat-generating effect of radio frequency waves absorbed by the body is usually exploited. That is, the effect of radiofrequency treatments is based on heating the tissues to different depths.

Radiofrequency treatment can be used at any age, but it is recommended to use it in cosmetics after completion of development, ie in adulthood, as the effects of radiofrequency treatment have been tested mainly in adults.

Radiofrequency treatment is used in cosmetics primarily to tighten connective tissues and to stimulate the body to produce new connective tissue fibers.

The connective tissues are responsible for holding the skin. Accordingly, their strengthening helps to treat wrinkles, but also to restore the condition of skin that has lost its hold, firmness and elasticity.

Loss of skin support not only causes wrinkles, but also, for example, in connection with weight gain and then weight loss - or after pregnancy - skin elongation and age-related skin sagging (capsule, waving hair, etc.). Therefore, radiofrequency treatments are mentioned in connection with both wrinkle treatment and skin tightening.

Thus, radiofrequency treatment is excellent for smoothing wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin, re-tightening and strengthening sagging skin.

Radio frequency vibration generated by electric current has been used in medical science for more than 80 years. This is because the energy of the radio frequency is rapidly attenuated in the tissues to produce heat. This heat effect can be applied to cutting and hemostasis, and it was the first and still used method of medical use of radio frequency.

Over time, the technique has become more sophisticated through experience with the use of radio frequencies and a deeper understanding of tissue regeneration. The location and depth of the heat effect has now become much more controllable, allowing for much finer applications. Thus, radio frequency has gradually become part of aesthetic and beauty interventions as well.

As mentioned, radio frequency technologies were initially used in medicine. When the application of beauty began, it was used in medical aesthetic salons and beauty salons. This is no coincidence, as cooling was often required because radio frequency technology was slowly refining. As a result of the improvements, the heat could now be transferred to the deeper layers of the skin in such a way that the outer surface was no longer so heated. This has reduced the risk of using the radio frequency and has even put safety features in the machines.

The other effect of radiofrequency treatment, in addition to the effect of heat, is to deliver the active ingredients deeper. Prior to radiofrequency applications, injection or microinjection or mesotherapy were the only methods used. By the way, meso means moderate, and mesotherapy is the delivery of active ingredients to the middle layer of the skin.

When the drug delivery property of radiofrequency began to be used, it was called needle-free mesotherapy. This would not be a problem, as it is also mesopotherapy, but as a result, many people have thought and advertised that the radio frequency is only suitable for drug intake.

However, the heat generated by radio frequencies can produce biological effects on its own, ie without active ingredients. The effect depends on how long this heat effect lasts, how long it lasts, and which layer of the skin it heats up. As you can see, there are a number of factors to consider when using a radio frequency device, and so a wide variety of devices cannot be put under one hat.

Thus, the modern cosmetology radio frequency does not work with active substances, but with a targeted tissue heat effect.

Although wrinkle removal and skin tightening are not the same concepts, they do come from a dagger. In both cases, the main reason is the loss of deep connective tissue support in the skin. On the thin skin of the face, this loss of posture first appears as tiny deeper lines and then as wrinkles, and this is what first appears anyway. Unfortunately, if you have connective tissue weakness somewhere in your body that is not a mechanical cause, you can be sure that the problem is present elsewhere.

Once on the body, the skin begins to sag here, that is, the waving shell, the holster, the sagging skin on the thighs, etc., appear. it already indicates a greater loss of connective tissue, i.e. collagen. In this case, a much stronger intervention is needed, or the effect of the treatments is much slower, and the treatments have to be performed much more persistently.

However, if we start radiofrequency treatments to increase collagen content as soon as the warning signs appear, we will have a much easier time and the appearance of sagging skin will be much longer.

It doesn't matter what we treat with radio frequency. For thinner facial skin, use a treatment head with smaller electrodes placed closer together. Electrodes with a larger surface area and slightly further apart should be used for body treatment. So a device with a treatment head is not suitable for treating both facial and body skin!

● Radio frequency is the skin treatment procedure with the longest history
● Its effect is not based on burning, it does not cause wounds or scars
● You don't have to buy expensive active ingredients all the time
● Requires a one-time investment
● You can customize the treatments to your own schedule
● With a separate face and body treatment head, you can manage all parts of your body

The stereotype that macho guys do not need beauty techniques is becoming less and less alive in the younger age group. Though the guys wrinkle in the same way, their skin tends to sag, maybe only the orange peel avoids them better.

On the other hand, it is true that the ladies still go to the salon. Thus, a radio frequency management device for use at home could not be a better choice for men. Thus, a device can be a good tool for every adult member of the family to keep away from wrinkles and sagging skin.

During radiofrequency treatment, the skin surface to be treated should be exposed. A guide gel is applied to your body or radio frequency treatment head and then the device is placed slowly on the skin. If you treat yourself at home, you will do this. You will feel most warm during the treatment.

The radiofrequency facial treatment takes 10 to 20 minutes, whether you do it in a salon or at home

The treatment of the body takes 30-60 minutes depending on the number and surface area of the treated body parts.

Radio frequency facials and body treatments can be performed on the same days. Radiofrequency treatments need to be performed as a cure, which means that the treatment must be repeated up to 20 times on the face and up to 30 times on the body to achieve the effect. The cure should be done patiently throughout, as connective tissue cells need constant, repetitive stimuli to start collagen production. So it takes time to renew your skin!
However, after the treatment, it is enough to perform maintenance treatment only once a month.

Of course, when it comes to wrinkles, the face comes to mind for the first time. Whether it’s wrinkles around the eyes, laughs or deepening of the nasolabial fold, radio frequency can help. Beyond wrinkles, of course, sagging of the skin is often a bigger problem, as the age of the face is better shown by the loss of skin posture (such as on the cheek or under the jaw) than wrinkles. Radio frequency management is also suitable for this.

The sagging of the skin in any part of the body can be disturbing. Be it the skin of the back, the waving of the upper arm, the abdomen, the thighs, the bottom of the buttocks, or the area around the knees. These can also be successfully targeted with a body-operated radio frequency control head.

It is important to use an electrically conductive gel for radiofrequency treatment. This is because the skin has insulating properties and this insulation must be overcome. This can be overcome by any water-containing gel, but conductivity with the right concentration of electrolytes is the most optimal (e.g., Na +, K +, and Cl- ions), so vendors are developing their own gel for more professional radiofrequency treatment devices.

The sagging of the skin and the formation of wrinkles is the result of collagen loss and the collapse of the colleague. Imagine a net of rope netting through your skin, the way the rigging of large sailing ships in the old movies that sailors climbed up and down. The rigging is made up of thick ropes, but these ropes thin out over time, so they have to be renewed over and over again.

In the skin, the rope is collagen and the rope mesh is collagen mesh. There are cells in the connective tissue of the skin that are responsible for forming new collagen so that the thinned fibers can be re-established.

Radiofrequency treatment causes these collagen-producing cells to function more. You could also say that you are gently waking them up gradually, just as you want to wake a child gently. It is important to know that this is a process, so radiofrequency treatment should also be repeated regularly, at least during the anti-wrinkle and firming course.

20-30 repeated treatments can already give nice results. This number is not as high if you can perform radio frequency treatments at home. If you have to go to a salon for any treatment, it is an extremely time and money consuming process.

The indication and effectiveness of radiofrequency treatment also depend on age. In the case of wrinkles, the effect is more spectacular, but the preventive effect should not be underestimated.

If wrinkling and sagging of the skin have already begun, say in our 30s, the process is sure to move forward. Keep in mind these initial signs show that collagen production has already begun to decline and collagen loss is beyond that. This balance must be restored in this case.

The process is not the same for everyone and cannot be linked to a specific age.

The radiofrequency treatment used between the ages of 30 and 40 is therefore primarily preventive in nature and serves to prevent the process from progressing or reversing the initial deterioration. You can read more about this here!

In general, wrinkles inevitably appear between the ages of 40 and 50, if not elsewhere around the eyes and mouth, which is already a sign of significant collagen loss. In such cases, radiofrequency treatment is already a clear treatment, although there is still room for prevention. You can read more about this by clicking here!

Over the age of 50, not only wrinkles but also sagging skin must be combated .. and not only on the face, but also on other parts of the body, eg waving skin on the upper arm, hanging skin on the thighs, etc. This condition can also be improved, so it is worth cutting into a radiofrequency treatment, knowing that more treatments will be needed that need to be continued persistently and regularly. You can read more about the process of wrinkling here!

Radio frequency treatments have been available in beauty salons and aesthetic clinics for years. Today, with the advent of devices that provide modern targeted radio frequency management, machines that provide home treatment have also appeared. Today, more powerful machines are often used in salons, one of the effects of which is the shaking of collagen, but this can only be used in professional hands with adequate cooling.

The culmination of home treatment is the application of the concept and technique of fractional treatment. During treatment, the connective tissue layer of the skin becomes so hot that it provides a suitable stimulus for the production of new fibers by the collagen-producing cells. However, this requires many, many re-treatments. The effect is gradual, with maximum safety. This method is also used in salons, but going to the salon again is not a money and time-saving process, so the home version is much more economical - not to mention the convenience.

Fortunately, the quality and efficiency of salon management is already available in your home. Some salons, as already mentioned, use much more powerful machines for home use. We also mentioned that these are only in professional hands, but what if the machine still burns your skin in the salon. The presence of a professional is also important to recognize the problem in a timely manner. Yes, but we're assuming there may be a problem with that.

Home appliances are set up so that they cannot cause burns. The effectiveness, on the other hand, is the same if you apply the treatment for the right amount of time and with the right number of repetitions. This is clearly in favor of managing it at home, not to mention that:

● you only need to purchase the RF wrinkle and / or body treatment once

● you do not have to schedule your treatments

● not all radio frequency treatment is an additional cost

● you don’t have to travel in a traffic jam.

The newer, modern home radio frequency anti-wrinkle tightening machines already provide us with safe treatments, and nowadays you also have radio frequency skin tightening devices that you can use not only on your face, but also on your body.

One such tightening tool is the premium quality WarmDerm Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Machine. WarmDerm is the only home radio frequency anti-wrinkle and firming device with a replaceable treatment head on the American market. This is important because it is not possible to treat the thin skin of the face or the thicker skin of the body with the same treatment head, as different connective tissue depths must be targeted.

The strength of the radio frequency treatment can be adjusted outside the replaceable head, so you can personalize your treatment by choosing the most effective, but not yet inconvenient, level.

The time of radiofrequency treatment can also be adjusted, which can be very important when treating several parts of the body. You do not have to pay attention to time during radio frequency management, but you can use it as self-time. 🙂

You need to buy the WarmDerm Anti-Wrinkle Firming Device once, and it can be used not only by you, but also by your family and girlfriend, so you can turn the wheel of time back together.

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